HISP stands for High performance solid propellants for In-Space Propulsion, or solid propellant with High Isp (specific impulse). As the name indicates, the objective of the project was to develop high performance solid rocket propellant for spacecrafts.

Test firing of an ADN/GAP rocket motor

Test firing of an ADN/GAP rocket motor


Propulsion and propellants are key technologies for all space missions. The HISP project aimed to advance the chemical propulsion technology by linking together some of the key players in Europe to develop an advanced high performance solid propellant by using the new high energy density oxidizer ammonium dinitramide, ADN, an energetic binder based on glycidyl azide polymer, GAP, and high energy density fuels such as aluminium hydride (AlH3), nano-aluminium or activated aluminium.


This will strengthen the competitiveness of the European space propulsion industry and increase its competitiveness, and will increase the effectiveness of future European space exploration missions.


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