Prilled ADN


The objective of the HISP project is to significantly reduce the time, cost and mass required for spacecrafts to reach their destinations, in order to increase the scientific return of space exploration missions. This is directly linked to their propulsion systems. The only way to significantly improve the performance of propulsion systems is to develop propellants with higher specific impulse and higher density.

The objective of the project will be met by developing a high performance solid rocket propellant. Its performance will be similar or higher compared to state of the art liquid bi-propellants and about 10% higher compared to the current state of the art solid propellant based on AP/HTPB/Al. This will be achieved using the new high energy density oxidizer ammonium dinitramide, ADN, an energetic binder based on glycidyl azide polymer, GAP, and high energy density fuels such as aluminium hydride (AlH3), nano-aluminium or activated aluminium.


The propellant developed will be fully characterized with respect to stability, hazard properties, mechanical properties and performance. The performance will be determined at the end of the project by firing a test motor containing approximately 7 kg of propellant. Finally system analysis will be performed to determine the overall mission benefits.



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